Awesome # 66: Funny Things Students Do

I was organizing my classroom after school today and stumbled upon a pile of miscellaneous papers I’d shoved away in a box for sorting at a later time. Among said papers were a set of worksheets I’d given my students last year when I’d introduced them to word problems and problem solving strategies in Math.

The strategy we were working on was drawing pictures to help you solve a word problem. I wrote names of various food items on Post-Its, and gave one to each student. I also gave each student 2 dice. Using these items, we each wrote our own Math word problem to solve and present to the class.

This is H’s first attempt at drawing pictures to solve a word problem. The idea was that she would draw 65 caribou (or something representing caribou) in the first box, 61 caribou (or something representing caribou) in the second box, and count them to find the answer, which she would write in the third box.

She now knows how to find the answer. 

This is just one of many gems I have and am sure to add to my collection of funny things students do – an awesome that’s one of many perks of being a teacher.

One response to “Awesome # 66: Funny Things Students Do

  1. My sister is a teacher, and had a letter from a parent, which read something like this:
    Dear Mrs Furber,
    Johnny was absent from school yesterday because he had diarrea (crossed out) diorrea (crossed out) diareah (crossed out) The Shits

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