Awesome # 55: Curly Hair

It seems to me that people often curse the hair with which they’ve been endowed. If it’s curly, they wish it was straight; if it’s straight, they wish it was curly. They wish it was more, or less voluminous. They wish that it was longer or shorter. They even dye their hair to cover its natural hue.

I won’t lie, I’m one of those people. Save for some highlights I had put in my hair last year, it’s been years since I coloured my hair entirely, but it’s very seldom that I leave my hair in its natural texture. When I do, I usually cave and bring out the flat iron before the end of the day.

My hair is naturally curly. It’s also big, and when it grows, it grows in width, not length.

I’ve never mastered the art of styling curly hair – I’m clueless about products and useless with a hair dryer. I’ve also never used a diffuser and wouldn’t know how to if I tried. Thus, my hair in it’s curly state often takes on a less-than-flattering triangular configuration – flat at the roots and big at the tips.

Despite this, however, I decided that, this morning, I would attempt (like I do every once in awhile) to embrace my hair’s curliness. With this decision, I realized the awesome of curly hair – options. I have choices. I can wear my hair curly or I can wear it straight, depending on my mood. On top of that, if it does not cooperate, I always have my flat iron.

Straight-haired people aren’t always so lucky.


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