Awesome # 47: Nothing

I’m not Taoist, but Lao-Tse had a point:

Gathering, analyzing, sorting, and storing information — these functions and more the mind can perform so automatically, skillfully, and effortlessly that it makes the most sophisticated computer look like a plastic toy by comparison. But it can do infinitely more. To use the mind as it’s all too commonly used, on the kinds of things that it’s usually used on, is about as inefficient and inappropriate as using a magic sword to open up a can of beans. The power of a clear mind is beyond description. But it can be attained by anyone who can appreciate and utilize the value of Nothing.

Let’s say you get an idea — or, as Pooh would more accurately say, it gets you. Where did it come from? From this something, which came from that something? If you are able to trace it all the way back to its source, you will discover that it came from Nothing. And chances are, the greater the idea, the more directly it came from there. “A stroke of genius! Completely unheard of! A revolutionary new approach!” Practically everyone has gotten some sort of idea like that sometime, most likely after a sound sleep when everything was so clear and filled with Nothing that an Idea suddenly appeared in it.

Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh (150).

Awesome today is peace of mind.


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