Awesome # 43: Freshly Plucked Eyebrows

When it comes to plucking my eyebrows, I have the pain threshold of a 5 year old.

You’d think that after well over a decade of performing this little chore, I’d have gotten used to it. By now, you’d think that I’d be able to endure “eyebrow plucking time” relatively flinch-free. But, still to this day, I’m subjected to watery eyes and a near-constant urge to sneeze with every hair pull. “Eyebrow plucking time”, for me, is typically sprinkled with innumerable “ouches” and a colourful selection of four-letter words.

Why don’t I just wax them, you ask? Living in a place with no salon, I’m left to my own devices when it comes to eyebrow waxing. I have neither enough faith in myself to do it properly, nor enough courage to tear every last unwanted hair off of my brow almost simultaneously. I’ve tried….couldn’t do it.

I was inspired to write today’s post of awesome, whilst sporting a pair freshly plucked eyebrows, after surviving yet another session of eyebrow plucking.

Like a brand-new haircut, freshly plucked eyebrows add a little extra pizzazz into your appearance – making your face look brighter and revitalized, and making you feel equally so.

Frankly, freshly plucked eyebrows are awesome because they make you look, and feel awesome.

Bert’s missing out


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