Awesome # 37: Daylight Savings

The toughest aspect of winter in the arctic, for me, is not the bitter cold. It’s the excessive darkness. And though days aren’t as short here as they are in the high arctic, my job has me sunlight deprived nonetheless, save for my twice-weekly recess duty (which, however, made not a lick of difference several weeks ago when the sun was practically setting at afternoon recess).

But with solstice behind us and the spring equinox on its way, the sun stays out 3 minutes longer each day – yesterday setting at 4:10 PM. This is awesome because I thoroughly enjoy daylight, as well as the increased opportunity to “catch some rays”. More sunlight means higher energy levels – which I’d much rather acquire naturally than from vitamin supplements.

Further, daylight savings, awesome in and of itself, had its awesomeness magnified yesterday.

A day like yesterday in the dead of winter is a rarity. Usually, when the temperature is mild, winds are raging; when winds are calm, the temperature is icy cold. But yesterday, moderate temperatures (-30 degrees Celsius) came with calm winds. With a significantly less injured knee and a bit of after-school free time, I was able to take advantage of the relatively late sunset and go for a run to the airport and back before it got completely dark.


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