Awesome # 32: Hugs

I woke up yesterday morning with a burning in my stomach. I also felt nauseous and dizzy. Thinking that eating something would help the situation, I forced myself to go to the kitchen to make my oatmeal. I fainted before I got there.

I spent the morning at the nursing station, but they couldn’t tell what was wrong with me other than my blood sugar and blood pressure being low. So, they flew me to Kuujjuaq to hang out at the hospital for a few days.

After some blood tests, an EKG and some other fun tests, I’ve been told that nothing’s wrong with me and that it must have been either a severe side-effect of some medication I was prescribed for a leg injury, or exhaustion and dehydration (note to self: drink more water, especially when running long distances).

My post of awesome for today is inspired by hugs. Hugs are underrated, and underappreciated, and I’m thankful that I have a friend here who likes to give hugs.


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