Awesome # 16: That Song You Can Play on Repeat

Notwithstanding the banality of my music collection, there is one song of which I’ve yet to tire. That song is “You Make Me High (Spinning)” by Jason Mraz.

Last night, as I curled up on the couch for a bit of post-workout ‘internetting’ and a cup of aqpik tea, this song crooned repeatedly. How many times, I don’t even know.

Emotionally versatile, I can listen to this song no matter my mood. It’s heartwarming when I feel affectionate and gladdening when I’m happy. It’s comforting when I’m lonely and cathartic when I’m sad. And, I find it calming when I’m angry, and soothing when I’m overwhelmed. For me, it’s the perfect “multi-moodal” melody.

This is that song  you (or at least, I) can play on repeat, and it’s my awesome of the day because, despite the countless times I’ve listened to it, it hasn’t lost even a smidgen of loveliness.

What’s your “multi-moodal” melody?


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