Awesome # 13: Laughing Yourself Awake

It happens seldom, but on a handful of occasions, I’ve woken up laughing.

I can never remember the dream. I rarely remember my dreams anyway, but after laughing myself awake, I always wake up absolutely incognizant of what it was I’d found so humorous. And, I’d sooner ease into consciousness, beaming with a smile like the one that lingers after a good hearty laugh, than ruin the moment by racking my brain for details. So, I just go with it – I make a point to stay in bed a little longer and relish in comical reverie.

Laughing yourself awake is my awesome of the day because it’s the perfect and far-too-infrequent start to the day. It’s like coasting into momentum – not too fast or sudden, but enough to gently propel you into your day on a light and amusing note.


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